During  refrigeration process of the aircondition , the solar panel collector  super heats up the refrigerant , ( the hotter it is , the lesser work for the compressor to pressurized the refrigerant resulting to a lesser energy consumptions.  The Solar Panel  Collector  can improves the overall efficiency of  aircondition .

Our Solar Air-Conditioner at an economically competitive level could reduce electricity costs for residential and commercial customers by 30% to 50%. This would cut the growth of peak electric demand and ease the increasing pressures on generating capacity, transmission, and distribution. Clients can save on electricity cost immediately to cover the cost of their new Mercury  Solar Air-conditioner.

Solar Collector Panel  can be installed on horozontal or vertical positions.  More sunlight exposure that more it will be efficient.

Available Units:

Mercury Solar Split Type Wall Mounted Aircon  1.5hp
Cooling Capacity 12000 btu - P40,000 Free Installation!

Mercury Solar Split Type Wall Mounted Aircon 2hp
Cooling Capacity 18000 btu - P50,000 Free Installation!

Equipped with
automatic swing louver
remote controlled
washable filter
programmable timer
Solar panel
10 ft connecting copper tube pipes
with insulations and control wires
5 ft connecting pipe for solar panel
Indoor & Outdoor Unit Mounting Bracket
Solar Panel  Brackets.

One Year Warranty on Parts and Service.
5  Years Warranty on Solar Collectors.

Mercury Solar Aircondition & Normal Aircondition Power Consumption Comparison

Normal AC

Normal Wall Mounted  Aircondition 2hp

Running Load Amp-10.74 amp

Mercury Solar Wall Mounted Aircondition 2hp

Running Load Amp - 4.90

You can save as much 54.5%

on electricity.



Actual Indoor Unit Design 

note: Data results may vary depending on weather conditions .

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